We know you might not want to know how to get a High-Availability Server online , or how to get a Mail Gateway filtering Spam. That's where we come in.From a Blog hosting package to a leased or dedicated Server, right up to a High Availability webserver, we can provide a solution to fit your every need. Our staff know technology and how to make it perform.

We house our colocated and Leased servers at Equinix's Award winning Sydney facility at Mascot. All our racks are fed with 100Mb ethernet feed backing onto a tier 1 Multiple path routing mesh, offering competative data purchasing. The Equinix facility offers multiple redundant power feeds to both building and data suites to ensure that your equipment stays online 24/7. Our Cpanel Servers are Dual Xeon 64-Bit CPU's, with 2Gb DDR Ram, with over 500Gb of Disk Space each. We also run a Multi-Terrabyte Storage array for backup each night that is available to our leased and colocated clients to use.

Other services
We also offer colocation and leased servers, so if you need to rack that box to save your marriage, talk to us.

Security Our staff take security seriously, that's why we offer a "security update" service, whereby we will check your site to ensure that it's running the latest security patches, and if need be, we can apply them for a small fee. This takes the worry out of apply patches with the fear of breaking all your hard work. Also, as our staff have contributed work on various popular CMS, Forum and Blog packages such as PHP-Nuke, Simple Machine Forums, SMF-Nuke, phpBB, and WordPress, we don't send you off somewhere else when you get a strange error, we work through it with you to get you back online. Fast. We also run daily database and site backups, and can offer twice daily site backups, so if you do lose your site, we can restore it and get you back online as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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